Family Album I

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It is a pity that I can´t recognize everyone, therefore I will give You a good advise. Riffle through Your family albums when there still is someone left to tell You about the pictures. Tell your children the story behind them.Make Your markings and encourage younger to continue the tradition. "That´s time before snapshots."

Having perspective in life helps us to understand it.




It is astonishing how well these old pictures have succeeded to struggle against the time.

I think that they are today almost in the same condition as they were one hundred years ago.


On back of this picture is written "Fellows from Kuopio" and afterwards somebody has added :
" I see "

Obviously they are not my relatives ;-)




Elna , September 28th in 1909

All these pictures are typical "atelier" pictures from the beginning of 20th century. Most of them are taken between years 1901 - 1907.
You may notice that there are also cyrillic characters on these pictures.

At that time Finland was a principality of Russia Russian duchy (1809 - 1917) after being a dukedom of Sweden more than eight hundred years. Finland declared indipendence in 6. of December 1917.

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The time jump is approximately fifty (50) years